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Unity is the world's largest manufacturer of post-mount spotlights. They are also a major OE supplier of both auxiliary and emergency lighting products. Unity's product range includes post-mount spotlights, roof-mount spotlights, fog lights, driving lights, off-road lights, work lights, hand-held spotlights, and decklights.

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Unity post-mount spotlights are the only auxiliary lighting products that offer the convenience and safety of instant aimable light when and where you want it! The interior control handle with fingertip switch provides 360 degree continuous horizontal rotation and up to 120 degree vertical adjustment.


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Unity Decklights feature an E-Z grip knob and a unit mounted switch to provide aimable light when and where you want it. Designed to rotate through 360 degree horizontally and 180 degree vertically. Heavy-duty chrome finish on non-corrosive materials make Unity Decklights ideal for heavy-duty, fire, and marine applications.


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Unity Rooflights feature 360 degree continuous vertical rotation and 180 degree horizontal adjustment. Available in 5" round and 6" round models, with an leak proof O-ring design. Available with either "standard" length or "shorty" length. Easily installed, each unit comes complete with a universal mounting bracket, template, and installation instructions.


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Unity Roadlights are a broad line of professional quality, competitively price lights, which includes road lights for virtually any vehicle. Road lights include fog lights, passing lights, driving lights, and off-road lights. Available in 100mm round, 5" round, 6" round and 4"x6" rectangular lights.


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Unity Worklights provide added safety illuminating the work area offering greater visibility. They are great for any working truck including utilities, wreckers, construction, industrial, public works, police & fire, agriculture, and recreation vehicles. Available in 100mm round, 5" round, 6" round, and 4"x6" rectangular lights.