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Stalker Radar

Stalker Radar manufactures and sells more police radar guns and dash-mounted police radar units than every other U.S. manufacturer combined. Long recognized for their durability and dependability, Stalker’s police radar systems are relied on by over 80,000 law enforcement agencies across the world.

Solutions & Services

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Dash-Mounted Police Radar

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Our top-of-the-line, most advanced police radar. Track up to 4 targets from over a mile away with separate target locking in either moving or stationary mode.


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Detect and track vehicles from over a mile away. The instant-on remote gives you the power to detect vehicle speeds before radar detectors can alert drivers of your presence.


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Cutting costs but not corners, the Stalker Patrol was designed to put the quality and reliability of Stalker’s legendary radar products into the hand of departments with tight budgets. An LCD display, 3-window faster speed tracking, and K-band radars come standard.