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SoundOff Signal

SoundOff Signal is a world class manufacturer of high-quality vehicle lighting and control safety solutions serving a wide range of customers globally. Their employees create intelligent, efficient, and smartly designed safety solutions that work seamlessly together to improve vehicle visibility when it is needed most. They are committed to their customers and employees by creating value through strategic focus on innovation, quality and outstanding customer service within our business segments which has led them to over 27 years of consecutive growth.

The mission of SoundOff Signal is to provide our customers with superior products and services that meet or exceed their expectations for delivery, quality, and cost-effectiveness. We are committed to our customers through continuous improvement in on-time delivery of quality products; our employees through continuous improvement in their standard of living; our shareholders through continuous improvement of their return on assets; our community through social and environmental responsibility and our strategic business partners through a mutually beneficial growth and business development strategy.

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Lighting Solutions

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The same work ethic SoundOff Signal puts into their lighting and control systems goes into each and every relationship they have. While they respect technology, they have a long history of earning trust the old-fashioned way – through honest, fair and consistent actions. Customers have worked with SoundOff Signal for decades and it’s because we work hard for them. Every. Single. Day.


SoundOff Signal’s patented mpower® lights have transformed LED lighting. Their molded one-piece, silicone housing and optic design delivers significant advantages over conventional polycarbonate lenses.


nFORCE products are the perfect fusion of our technology, dependability, and versatility.


bluePRINT®, SoundOff Signal’s automated control system, creates a safer environment for officers through a more effective use of emergency lighting and siren technologies. This system allows you to stay focused on the task at hand while keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.


SoundOff Signal’s nROADS products are designed to offer the broadest level of performance and pricing.


  • Exterior Full Size Lightbars
  • Mini Lightbars
  • Interior Windshield Lightbars
  • Grid Lights

Directional Warning

  • Arrow Systems
  • Traffic Controllers
  • Exterior & Interior Directional Warning Bars
  • Interior Traffic Controllers
  • Exterior Directional Warning Bars with Arrow Ends
  • Directional Warning Bars

Perimeter Lighting

  • Fascia Lights and HD Lights
  • SL Running Lights
  • Surface, Deck/Grille & Recess Mounts
  • Windshield Mounts
  • Under Mirror & Surface Mount Lights
  • Ghost Surface & Deck/Grille Mounts
  • Warning Marker & Recess Lights

Control Systems

  • bluePRINT®


  • LED Lights
  • Headlights
  • Headlight Plug-ins
  • Flashback Alternating Taillights


  • LED Beacons

Work Area

  • LED Search Lights
  • WL4, WL5 and WL9 LED Spot / Search Lights
Motorcycle Solutions

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  • Compact Sirens
  • LED Lights
Sirens, Switches & Speakers

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  • Remote, Console & Handheld Sirens
  • Composite Speakers
  • Siren Systems