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Setina Manufacturing Company is committed to providing value added services to their customers by creating a successful partnership with them through our uncompromising adherence to the highest standards. Their pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.

Setina’s extensive line of products provides law enforcement a total solution for vehicle up-fitting. From full to mid-size SUVS, Cars, Trucks and Vans, they have products for all of your police fleet vehicles. Setina products are designed to work together for Optimal Performance and Easy Installation.

Setina has very high standards in their distributor qualifications, enabling them to attract and retain the top law enforcement equipment companies. They are thankful for these long term relationships that have helped support their company through many years of business.

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K9 Solutions

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It’s been Setina’s mission to provide law enforcement with products that allow them to outfit their vehicles in the most efficient way possible, with every feature and necessity exactly where they need them. And when it comes to your K-9 partner, they know you expect more. So they’re giving you all that… and then some.

Prisoner Transport

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Setina understands law enforcement’s need for space, ease of access, and security – it’s all reflected in their advanced prisoner transport seating designs. They know that not all Fleet needs are the same, so Setina offers your department options, with our popular OEM Replacement Style or Precision Fit Seat Cover Design. Their “TPO” Prisoner Transport Seating Systems, along with their “TPO” Door Guards, give your vehicle an OEM factory appearance.

Push Bumpers

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Regardless of how you measure your push bumper’s performance, Setina’s models are in a class by themselves. Along with a touch of the right aesthetics, Setina push bumpers are built for Maximum Performance… and just about everything else.

The intention of providing law enforcement with Superior Push Bumper Designs, that ensure the highest quality in Durability and Performance. Setina knows creating the most Reliable Police Fleet Equipment means understanding law enforcement and the extreme conditions our products will go through.

Setina offers models ranging from their Original, Heavy Duty to their Latest Technology “LED”s. None of their push bumper designs interfere with the SRS Airbag System.

Storage Solutions

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Setina always designs with intention. The intention of providing law enforcement with superior cargo storage solutions to maximize your vehicles storage capabilities for firearms, cargo and communications equipment. Their innovative modular designs, along with their advanced locking systems, provide law enforcement with the flexibility, security, and easy cargo accessibility for your specific fleet needs.

Setina has been designing creative ways to maximize every inch of your rear cargo storage area, and they are confident that they can provide a total solution for all of your fleet’s needs. Their comprehensive designs have ensured that not any detail is overlooked; whatever gear, firearms, or electronics your vehicle may have, they’ve made a space for it.

Vehicle Mounting

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Door Guards

Setina is your total solution for vehicle door protection. Heavy-duty and easily installed, the wide selection of expertly designed door guards and ensures Setina will have the perfect fit for your fleet. Choose either TPO Plastic or Aluminum and Steel door panels to learn more about each offering. From sedans, mid- full-size SUVS, trucks, and vans, Setina has the door guard to fit your vehicle.

Fender Guards

Setina’s high-strength, impact resistant fender protectors and headlight guards are the #1 choice of law enforcement. Have confidence in knowing your vehicle has the best front-end protection available.

Firearm Mounting

Setina’s “T-Rail” firearms mounting systems provide quick, easy access to your firearms or less than lethal guns. Their advanced modular design accommodates most firearms, scopes and accessories, and allows their firearms mounting systems to be easily converted from a partition mounting system to a standalone mounting system by simply adding a standalone base.

Police Bike Racks

Setina’s new police bike rack is the latest design in push bumper mounted bike transport. Unique folding design for quick easy mounting, removal and storage, and is adjustable for multiple bikes.

Skid Plates

Setina’s aluminum or steel undercarriage skid plates protect the under body, power train and chassis components and help reduce potential repair costs from damage incurred during police driving situations. Their deflector smart Design aids in preventing costly damage to vehicle’s undercarriage. Simple installation and rock-solid protection.

Window Barriers

Setina window barriers provide maximum visibility and window protection. Designed with a high-strength steel framework and available with multiple window options, including coated scratch-resistant polycarbonate or heavy duty vertical or horizontal steel bars. All window barriers are complete with a black powder coat finish and are designed for a quick, easy installation.