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As the market's "Total Solutions Provider" (TSP), Jotto Desk continues to advance its' product line and reputation as the industry leader in public safety equipment. As your Total Solutions Provider, Jotto Desk is able to ensure that all the products they manufacture will work together seamlessly from installation to application. Jotto Desk works to redefine the mobile workspace and expand its' portfolio of high-quality products and ability to deliver maximum value to customers.

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Computing Solutions

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JOTTO DESK® No Holes Mount

Field-proven over 20 years, the Jotto Desk® offers mobile professionals the best laptop mount for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and Big Rigs.

Mamba Mount - Console Side Mount

Jotto Desk is upgrading and simplifying your on-duty experience with the Mamba Mount, a console side mount designed to work in each zone; Store & Drive, Park & Work, and Tactically Safe.

Console Side Mount (CSM)

The JOTTO DESK® Console Side Mount (CSM) features No Holes Drilled installation on the passenger side of a compatible equipment console, preserving front passenger side leg room and improving performance. The CSM offers a straight arm which enables you to comfortably use and secure a laptop using the A-MOD or other desktop.

Prisoner Transport

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Vehicle Partitions

Keep your officers safe while transporting prisoners with Jotto Desk's line of vehicle partitions. Their system allows your department to configure the partition to maximize the officer's workspace while providing safe transport of prisoners. The partition's no holes drilled system makes installation fast and easy.

ABS Seating

Jotto Desk realized the extreme challenge facing agencies regarding the rear seat area of SUVs. The Jotto Desk solution provides a complete SUV prisoner transport solution. The Replacement ABS Bio-Seat comes with all the hardware need to remove the OEM seat and replace with a biohazard and contraband control system for easier transportation and clean up.

High Security/High Visibility (HS/HV) Window

A High Security/High Visibility (HS/HV) Window gives officers the best of both worlds - tremendous sight lines, whether looking out the rearview or turning around. The 4”H x 11”W window allows for communication or passing of information but there won’t be anyone that will squeeze through this opening. If a prisoner spits/bleeds/smears the window – it is still easily cleanable…not so with “expanded metal”.

Single Cell

The Jotto Desk Single Cell includes the Front Divider, Center Divider, Rear Cargo Barrier (CB4), Passenger Side Window Armor, Passenger Side Door Panels, and ABS Seat Cover. Jotto Desk realized the extreme challenge facing agencies concerning the rear seat area of SUVs.

Window Armor and Door Panels

Protect your vehicles while transporting prisoners with Jotto Desk's line of Window Armor and Door Panels. The Window Armor is easy to install, prevents side windows from being kicked out and nobody can reach in or out of the prisoner compartment. Door Panels protect door mechanisms, prohibit contraband from being hidden, and are very easy to clean.

Vehicle Mounting

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Contour Consoles

With the development of the JOTTO DESK® Contour Console line in 2001, traditional console design was revolutionized. Rather than simply a box shoved between the seats and crammed with equipment, Jotto Desk evaluated the vehicle and designed consoles based upon what the vehicle would allow combined with the agency’s needs. There have been many attempts to replicate their design, but none can compare.

Defend IR Security System

You take every available precaution to secure your patrol vehicle; firearms in the gun rack, locking equipment and doors. The inconvenient truth is that the criminal element has time on their side to bypass these precautions.

Jotto Desk is excited to introduce the Defend IR Security System. The first Security Solution against patrol vehicle break-ins. The Defend IR Monitors the interior of your vehicle utilizing an infrared sensor when armed. When a change is detected, the Defend IR activates the lights and siren of the patrol vehicle, alerting everyone nearby and scaring off a potential thief.

ZRT Gun Racks

The ZRT Gun Racks are designed for any configuration you can imagine. Partition Mounted, Single Cell Mounted, Rear Seat Mounted or Free Standing, and Rear Hatch Mounted – Single Weapon or Dual.