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Real-Life Solutions For The Road.

Havis has served the needs of the nation’s finest police, fire, and EMS teams for more than 80 years with the industry’s broadest selection of mounting and docking solutions. Their commitment to quality, custom solutions has made them the U.S. leader in public safety. As a true manufacturer, Havis offers durability, safety, and nationwide support for a wide range of vehicle components that must meet strict requirements and rigorous environments.

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Computing Solutions

Havis docks and cradles are designed to bring you the connectivity and performance of a standard office in your mobile workstation. We offer the industry’s most reliable platform for connecting peripherals to laptops, tablets, and mobile devices plus accessories to improve productivity and save valuable space.

Laptop Docking & Cradles

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The industry’s safest and most secure docking solutions for laptops from Dell, Getac, Panasonic, and more

Tablet Docking & Cradles

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Lightweight and strong solutions for securing a variety of tablets built with theft deterrence, longevity, and stability

Touch Screen Display

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Save space and increase productivity with an in-vehicle touch screen display of trunk-mounted equipment.

Universal Rugged Cradles

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Havis Universal Rugged Cradles offer a versatile and secure solution for laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Handheld & Phone Docking & Cradles

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Havis Phone Docking Stations and Cradles unlock the full potential of your Smartphone.

Power Supplies

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Havis offers DC power adapters for a variety of our laptop and tablet docking stations.

Peripheral Mounts

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Safely connect additional office amenities like printers, card readers, and scanners to your existing equipment and console.

Connectivity Accessories

Add even more functionality to your docking station with keyboards and bundles, power supplies, laptop lighting, screen holders, and more.

Enhanced Protection Plans

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Havis offers Enhanced Protection Plans for a number of their Dell, Getac and Panasonic docking stations.

Vehicle Mounting
Mounting Solutions

Optimize your fleet for productivity and consistency with the broadest public safety product line on the market.

Dashboard Monitor Mounts

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ELD - Electronic Logging Devices

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Equip your workforce with simple, safe, and secure mounting options for a variety of Electronic Logging devices (ELDs).

Mounting Bases

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Equip diverse vehicles with the strongest mounting solutions available to secure valuable equipment.


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Set your team up for success with equipment that is easy to see, reach, and operate safely without permanent modification.

Motion Devices

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Havis offers a full array of products that improve ergonomics and enable the comfortable use of mounted equipment.

Trunk Mounts

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Optimize storage space and provide a clean, safe, and secure mounting surface for expensive equipment.


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Get a strong, durable hold without commitment to one device with peripheral accessories.