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From humble beginnings as a local wooden furniture manufacturer in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Gamber-Johnson has developed into the global go-to partner for equipment mounting products.

This evolution from producing furniture in 1954 to becoming a 21st-century world leader in mounting equipment for electronics was a natural progression, fostered by a company culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Today, Gamber-Johnson is still proudly “made in Wisconsin” and manufactures mounting components and systems for laptop and tablet computers, radios, light and siren controls, surveillance cameras, point-of-use kiosks, printers, keyboards, and other devices — all meticulously designed to be rugged, reliable, and responsive.

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Computing Solutions

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Secure your tablets and equipment with Gamber-Johnson’s superior mounting solutions, for ultimate peace of mind. They offer a wide range of turnkey solutions that are configurable for your public safety vehicle’s specific make and model. Gamber-Johnson’s ergonomic solutions enhance driver efficiency, reduce installation time, speed up operations, and improve overall workplace safety.

Cradles & Docking Stations

Find the perfect solution in the form of a docking station, which replicates the computer’s ports for full peripheral access, or a cradle that offers the utmost stability for crucial assets. Gamber-Johnson offers a large assortment of docking stations and cradles that support computers from the most trusted rugged manufacturers in the market including Dell, Getac, Panasonic, Samsung, Zebra, and more.

Pedestal Systems

Pedestal systems are an ideal option for vans and trucks that have small console areas, which do not allow adequate space for mounting. With an innovative design and sturdy construction, these products offer maximum reliability, but save on space.

Motion Attachments

Gamber-Johnson’s motion attachments are one of the key components needed to mount a docking station or cradle to give users the flexibility desired. The motion attachment allows for tilting, swiveling, rotating, and locking to ensure safety and ergonomic use in a mobile office environment. From laptops to tablets, Gamber-Johnsons wide range of devices help perfect the right solution.


Gamber-Johnson’s Zirkona product line features an innovative, encapsulated joiner that allows users to rotate their small, lightweight devices (up to 11 pounds depending on the joiner) to the best possible position. This unique flexibility makes it possible to quickly adapt to nearly any application so that the user has an ergonomically correct position and minimal time is wasted fidgeting with repetitive adjustments. Knowing your technology is as secure as it is accessible makes Zirkona the ideal go-to solution.

Vehicle Mounting

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Console Boxes

Gamber-Johnson's console boxes make the most out of any vehicle’s small space in one, customizable solution. Their console boxes are built with durability at the forefront and come pre-assembled and ready to install. All products are thoroughly tested to ensure they function flawlessly in the most rugged environments.

Console Systems

Console systems are designed for police and other fleets that need to mount multiple radios and equipment within easy reach of the driver. The console system is made of two parts: a leg kit or top plate which secures the system to your vehicle’s frame and a vehicle-specific or universal console box to house your electronics. Add a computer mount, armrest, cup holder, microphone clip, or other accessory for a custom setup.

Gun Mounts

Safely secure your weapons with a Gamber-Johnson gun mount. Available in both single or dual configurations with alternative lock options.


Gamber-Johnson's passenger and cargo partitions are built strong to protect officers and equipment. Available in both mesh and polycarbonate to fit your needs

Trunk Mounts

Organize and keep electronics out of site with a Gamber-Johnson trunk mount. Both upper and lower options are available.