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Police Products

Reducing risk for police officers is at the forefront of everything Federal Signal does. They start with developing innovative, patented technologies found in our light bars, exterior and interior warning lights, siren & speakers, and directional lighting. Pair one of these products with their push-bumpers, and tire deflation devices, and you will have a driving force for a safe and secure police car solution. Find all your police lights and sirens with Federal Signal.

Fire/EMS Products

Safety is the driving force behind everything Federal Signal does. Their industry standard products, like the Federal Signal Q-Siren®, have set a high bar that we continually strive to exceed with innovative technologies that better protect Fire and EMS personnel, and the public. Whether it’s our comprehensive line of advanced lightbars, Fire and EMS signals, or their siren and speaker systems, they can help you outfit your vehicles with technology that optimizes visibility and audio warnings to keep first responders safe.

Work Truck Products

Outfit your tow truck, DOT, construction, or utility work truck fleet with Federal Signals line of leading signaling devices including lightbars, directional lights, beacons, back-up alarms, camera systems and more.

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Back-Up Alarms

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Federal Signal’s durable back-up alarms sound a powerful warning to alert when reversing a work truck, commercial vehicle, dump truck, or utility truck at a job site or alerting when backing up into a garage.

Lighting Solutions

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Light Bars

Federal Signal’s line of police car LED light bars are equipped with our exclusive technologies to provide officers with a safe and reliable emergency warning solution and are ideal for fire trucks, command vehicles, ambulances, and work trucks.

Exterior Mount/Perimeter Warning Lightheads

For additional warning around the perimeter of your police car, our exterior LED warning lights can be installed anywhere from side mirrors, bumpers, license plates, corner LEDs, rear hatch, and for Fire, EMS, and work trucks to the grilles, bumpers, side, and rear of their chassis. more.

Directional Warning Lights

The low-profile design of our police stick lights will fit in the rear of most police cars to provide added safety to the officer. The LED stick lights direct rear-approaching vehicles away from the scene.

Interior Mount Warning Lights

Our interior mount LED warning police lights are available as visor lights, dash lights, rear deck lights, and side windows ideal for police cars, highway sheriff cars, and undercover police cars. They are also ideal for illuminating the inside of an ambulance, these LED interior lights make it easy for EMS to work in the compartment to evaluate their patient. Federal Signal's led lights for inside trucks include, dome, strip, lamp, flashing options, and more.

Police Compartment Lighting
Motorcycle Solutions

Leading the way in innovative police motorcycle lights and siren solutions and more, including push-bumpers, and tire deflation devices. A driving force for police safety and security.

  • Motorcycle Sirens
  • Motorcycle LED Surface Mount Lights
  • Motorcycle Speakers
Sirens, Switches & Speakers

Combine with a light bar, Federal Signal's emergency vehicle sirens and speakers grab the attention of drivers to clear the path for the police car to safely arrive at the scene and grab the attention of drivers to clear the path for fire trucks and ambulances to safely arrive at the scene.

Video Camera Solutions

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Reverse Camera/Monitor Systems, from Federal Signal, provide the driver with an expanded field-of-view for enhanced safety during back-up or while maneuvering the vehicle in challenging environments. With a variety of cameras, monitors, and mounting options available, Reverse Camera/Monitor Systems has a solution for almost any vehicular application.