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Founded in 2006, Blac-Rac is a manufacturing company that produces patented weapons retention systems for law enforcement, military, and consumer applications. The Blac-Rac can retain a variety of different weapon types including tactical weapons, like the M4/M16, bolt action rifles, shotguns, and even pistols. The design allows for the rapid deployment of the weapon and does not interfere with installed optics or rail-mounted accessories. Over 60,000 systems are in use across the US and abroad.

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Superior Strength and Quick Deployment

Law enforcement customers rely on Blac-Rac for weapon security while providing quick access to their weapons when needed.

The versatility of the Blac-Rac system provides security for a wide range of weapons preferred by today’s police officers. Their mounting systems are designed for use in patrol vehicles, open frame vehicles, armored vehicles, maritime vessels, aircraft or wherever weapons need to be secured safely.

Your weapons will remain secure until swift deployment is required. A unique line-up of robust mounting accessories allows quick weapon access on any type of application.

Constructed of the highest quality, corrosion-resistant materials, and modern electronics, Blac-Rac has a model available to suit your needs. Whether on patrol, conducting SWAT operations or for where ever a weapon needs to be safely secured, you can rely on Blac-Rac to provide reliable security for your firearms.

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Blac-Rac is a paradigm shift in gun rack technology. Designed from the ground up to secure AR type weapons, the 1082 utilizes two opposing side plates that secure the weapon while protecting the take down pins, magazine release, and trigger from tampering. The unique design does not interfere with the top rail and hand guards so there is no need to remove any installed accessories like an optic, a laser or flashlight. The single point mounting system provides enough clearance for weapons with up to a 30-round magazine to be installed.

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The 1082 can also be used to secure a variety of other firearms like conventional stock rifles, shotguns, handguns, and dozens of other widely used tactical weapons.

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