Maintenance Contracts

Save time and money with a Maintenance Agreement for all of your Motorola and other communications equipment.

The key benefits are:

You reduce the chance of crippling breakdowns
It's happened to you before: Your communications equipment has broken down at a critical time. Not only is it inconvenient but it can mean lost business, productivity, and increased risk. If the need for two-way radio communications is great enough to have purchased a system in the first place, why not insure it with a full-service contract?

You prolong equipment life
Studies prove that equipment that undergoes regular, scheduled maintenance will outperform and outlast equipment that is serviced only when it fails, saving you money in the longrun.

Your service gets top priority
If you do experience a system breakdown, your problem is our top priority. You can be assured that the technicians who are most familiar with your system and equipment will be on the job quickly -- and stay until the job is done. We often stock the most commonly needed parts for the specific equipment listed on your contract.

You know your annual costs
Annual maintenance contracts stabilize your costs and eliminate surprises.

Your prevention maintenance is done at our mutual convenience
When we inspect your equipment, it will be done at a time that least disrupts your operation. We will schedule it when technicians most familiar with your equipment are available.

You save time
Regular, scheduled maintenance keeps your equipment in top operating condition and reduces downtime.