All WirelessUSA® facilities are staffed with experienced and knowledgeable installation specialists. Whether your installation involves a simple, dash-mount mobile radio or an entire Law Enforcement package that includes lightbars, sirens, PA systems, radios and prisoner cages, our installation staff will provide an installation that is clean, reliable and effective.

We can make recommendations to standardize the installation in your vehicle fleet so that all equipment in like vehicles is installed in a predictable and convenient location. We also know the secrets to a good, discrete, undercover installation and can supply stealth antennas and hidden control heads.

Motorcycles, mobile command vans, portable repeaters, interoperable systems and custom installations present no surprise to us. We do them on a regular basis and our customers are impressed with the results.

Base stations and dispatch points in your office are carefully planned and mapped out, taking into consideration maintaining the appearance of your facility as well as the functionality of the equipment.

Your two-way radio system is only as good as the quality of the installation. Many people can “wire-up” connections, but not everyone has the resources to deliver a quality installation time after time. Don’t trust your communications equipment to people who don’t have the experience and resources. Insist on installations from the professionals at WirelessUSA®.

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