Equipment Repair

Quality Technical Support When You Need It!

ServicesAll WirelessUSA® Service Managers, Technicians and Installers are available by telephone, e-mail and voice mail. They are radio dispatched via our extensive network of private two-way radio infrastructure. After hours, technical personnel who are “on call” carry pagers and cellular phones and are dispatched by an emergency answering service.

Today, the WirelessUSA® team designs, installs and maintains the communications systems of thousands of business, industrial and public safety accounts of all sizes. A number of these entities contract with WirelessUSA® to maintain their systems under cost-effective and budgetable Service Agreements.

In addition to our expertise in maintaining Motorola communications equipment, we also repair all major brands of two-way radios, portables, base stations, pagers and accessories.

Tops In Talent and Technical Resources

WirelessUSA Service BayAt present, we maintain over 47,000 pieces of communications equipment under contract. Our customers have placed their confidence in WirelessUSA® because of our broad knowledge of wireless communications, our highly talented and effective technical staff and our ability to restore critical communications system outages through the swift deployment of technical resources.

Some communications "service companies" simply return your equipment to the factory. Not us! The WirelessUSA® team prefers to repair your equipment locally! Local repair keeps you in touch with the repair process and gets your equipment back in your hands quicker by eliminating shipping time.

Our Motorola factory-trained and supported service personnel will assure that your communications system equipment is maintained to the highest standard.

Our Extensive Database Tracks Your Equipment!

tracksAt WirelessUSA®, every piece of communications equipment that we sell, install or maintain is entered into our extensive database. Our technicians have the full history of your radio equipment at their fingertips. We can tell you the last time a particular piece of equipment was in for service, which of your vehicles it was installed in at the time and even how much you've spent maintaining that ancient radio that you're considering trading in.

We've been doing this for over 48 years and we know what information is valuable to you. We have the facts that make managing your communications equipment easy.

Put our years of experience to work for you!

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