IMPRES Accessories

IMPRES Battery and Chargers

When a business needs rush delivery to arrive at their scheduled destination or when a firefighter maneuvers through blinding smoke, there is only one battery they trust to extend the performance of their two-way radios. For 10 years, IMPRES radio batteries have been there when it mattered most. Motorola's innovative IMPRES battery charging and reconditioning system streamlines and automates battery maintenance. IMPRES radio batteries and chargers communicate to help lengthen battery life so you can be assured your radio battery is ready when you are.

Your radio is your lifeline. If your battery dies it jeopardizes everything. That's why we introduced the original IMPRES energy system. With automated power management, IMPRES delivers accurate information on every battery in your fleet.

Now there's IMPRES 2 designed for APX™ series radios. It's a next-generation energy system that's safer and smarter while keeping you powered for even longer. With IMPRES 2 chargers, you can charge IMPRES 2 batteries up to 40% faster. Customize your charging to extend the life of batteries in storage. And manage power more intelligently with enhanced diagnostics.

Safer and Smarter, While Keeping You Powered for Even Longer

With IMPRES 2 batteries, you'll get higher capacity and more talk time. With better water resistance, you'll never think twice about submersion. And with the ability to charge up to 60% more times than standard Lithium Ion batteries, you'll reduce costs.

Motorola's exclusive IMPRES audio accessories help suppress ambient noise, amplify loudness and improve voice intelligibility. That means an undercover officer whispering into her IMPRES 3-wire surveillance microphone is heard clearly by her commanding officer. A line worker at a manufacturing plant is able to relay critical information to his foreman despite all of the background machine noise. IMPRES audio accessories provide two-way audio quality that is loud, clear and intelligible in analog and digital modes.

How do IMPRES™ batteries and chargers save money?

They reduce the number of spare batteries you buy and increase the time before you need replacements. Only IMPRES™ batteries can be charged 150 additional times versus a standard battery – a 43% increase in charge cycles. If you charge radios two to three times a week, you'll get more than an extra year out of every IMPRES™ battery.

IMPRES is the Difference Between “Ready” and “Ran Out”

Only IMPRES Battery Management provides the most accurate information on each battery in your fleet so you know they're fully charged and will last the entire shift. IMPRES software automatically collects battery-critical data including capacity, charge and recondition history, and put-in-service dates. Because IMPRES batteries can be charged 150 times more than standard batteries, you stock fewer spares and replace fewer batteries.

Communicate Continuously, Work Efficiently IMPRES

Battery Management delivers battery-critical information to enhance the performance and safety of your organization.

  • Tells you when batteries are below your specified minimum capacity
  • Ensures there is enough capacity for an entire shift
  • Eliminates unplanned downtime and work interruptions
  • Avoids the expense of throwing batteries away prematurely
  • Decreases the need for excess battery inventory
  • Asset tracking for batteries and in the OTA version, for radios

How does IMPRES™ improve audio performance?

IMPRES™ enhances the clarity and audio quality of Motorola Solutions accessories by reducing ambient noise and improving voice intelligibility. If you speak quietly or normally, but not directly into a microphone, IMPRES™ Audio detects changes in your voice and automatically adjusts the transmitted volume so your listener won't have to adjust the volume up and down.

IMPRES 2: A New Generation

Now there's IMPRES 2 designed for APX™ series radios. It's a next-generation energy system that's safer and smarter, while keeping you powered for even longer.

A new generation. Completely Re-energized. Experience IMPRES 2