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Law Enforcement Solutions

Law Enforcement Communication Solutions

Stay Ahead Of What’s Next With Intelligence-Led Public Safety Solutions
Today’s law enforcement agencies must manage endless flows of data that can either overwhelm them or help them better serve and protect their communities. Analyzing information and turning it into actionable intelligence is critical, but it’s equally critical to distribute this intelligence to everyone who needs it, exactly where and when they need it. Motorola’s ILPS solutions integrate disparate data, systems, and technologies to turn noise into intelligent, actionable information.


The Connected Law Enforcement Officer
From reacting and responding to predicting and preventing, a transformation is coming to public safety devices. Agencies need proven technology-driven solutions that can increase response efficiency and change the trajectory of a single moment, while in the moment. Yet the key is to never distract an officer during a mission. Unlike citizens with consumer devices, officers often confront high-stress situations and must stay focused throughout. The right information, delivered at the right time, in the right way can change the result.  Give officers the power to stream video, access information and collaborate in real time so that they can operate safely and more efficiently in the field.

Body-Worn & In-Car Video
The relationship between law enforcement and the community is predicated on trust, and few things fortify that trust like video evidence

Mobile Intelligence
Harness the increasing flood of data and make cities safer by unifying and simplifying the technology law enforcement personnel use to communicate across different applications networks and devices.


Collaborative Devices
Experience real-time collaboration between devices and improve your response with Motorola's advanced ecosystem of mission-critical devices. In order to improve efficiency and accelerate decision making, you need devices that work together seamlessly and share information effortlessly. That's why we're building future-ready devices with innovative capabilities such as fast proximity pairing using mission-critical Bluetooth™ technology and applications that streamline information between all users and their various devices. The LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE handheld can be securely touch-paired with APX™ radios to remotely manage the radio’s zone, channels, volume, and battery strength, as well as provide a backup route for emergency signaling during undercover missions. 

Two-Way Radios

Motorola APX6000

Astro® 25 Land Mobile Radios (LMRS)

Astro® 25 Brings Everyone Together
With more than 2 million users worldwide, Motorola Solutions ASTRO® 25 land mobile radios (LMRs) are law enforcement’s first choice for mission-critical communications. These Project 25 standards-based radios support seamless, interoperable communications between multiple agencies and neighboring communities, a top priority for public safety agencies.

In addition, more and more agencies are using LMRs to transmit data, such as vehicle locations and field queries of local, state, or federal databases. This allows them to reserve their LTE networks for higher bandwidth applications, such as high definition video and photos.

Motorola APX P25 Portable Radios

Motorola APX P25 Mobile Radios

Police Cameras

Motorola Si500

Whether your mission is to improve community relations or streamline evidence collection, police video cameras can play an important role. Our developing portfolio of integrated body-worn cameras and in-car “dash cameras” gives you the flexibility to improve operations for all your officers.

The Si500 Video Speaker Microphone replaces your radio RSM with an integrated speaker-mic, body camera and touchscreen content management device. Lowering the burden on your officers, it also integrates seamlessly with the APX series of P25 radios.

The Sr600 In-Car Video Camera gives you total situational awareness, with a full 360-degree view of the inside and outside of the vehicle. It’s quickly and easily mounted to your windshield, giving you fast and affordable deployment.

All our cameras are designed to work with the CommandCentral Vault Evidence Management System.

Motorola Body-Worn Cameras

Motorola CommandCentral Vault

Capturing Video Is Not Hard; Managing It Shouldn't Be Either

What you do with video evidence after capturing it is what can make the difference in addressing accountability concerns with the public and protecting officers and citizens alike. Take an innovative approach to content management with a complete workflow to store, manage and share your body-worn video from CommandCentral Vault.

CommandCentral Vault

Dispatch Consoles

Motorola MIP5000

Mobilize and Inform When and Where It's Needed Most
As the world continues to become more connected, the expectation for instant coordination and a seamless flow of information is increasing. Empower your dispatchers to coordinate faster and provide the intelligence necessary to support those in field and the community they serve.

Motorola P25 Dispatch Consoles

LTE User Devices

Public Safety LTE and Intelligence-led Public Safety Systems Save Lives

Motorola Solutions Public Safety LTE networks deliver real-time mission-critical intelligence and transform interactions between law enforcement agencies and their communities they serve. This technology also enables collaboration by providing a single operating view based on common locations, tracking, police presence, video feeds, and other data.

Motorola Solutions Intelligence-Led Public Safety Solutions (ILPS) integrate multiple data streams into a single platform, apply advanced analytics, and produce actionable intelligence. They instantly transmit life-saving alerts to both command centers and officers on the street. ILPS planning tools also allow agencies to analyze historical work, set objectives and metrics, and build execution plans. Scorecards and dashboards highlight issues that managers need to resolve quickly.

Motorola LTE User Devices

Wave Work Group Communications


Simple, Interoperable Communications
WAVE provides a communications architecture that eliminates barriers between different radio and broadband communications networks. Police, fire, EMS, and any other work partners can all communicate over PTT with WAVE, no matter what radio or broadband device they use. Add neighboring communities to your system for interoperable communications across borders, eliminating the need for multiple radios and facilitating better real-time coordination.

Smart Data For Smarter Operations
WAVE’s optional real-time location tracking gives you greater visibility to your entire operation. Supervisors and command staff see an improved real-time view of resources for increased situational awareness and better decisions. Integrated messaging provides a way to minimize radio traffic and provide quick reference information in loud or discrete environments. The result is faster and more coordinated responses, smarter decisions and safer outcomes.

Learn more about WAVE Work Group Communications

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About WirelessUSA®

Founded as St. Louis Electronics Service Corporation in 1962, the company originally did business as St. Louis Electronics. Later as the company grew in the area it served, a new name, WirelessUSA was adopted. WirelessUSA has been supporting Motorola two-way radio products and infrastructure for more than 50 years.

Why would you select the highest quality communications equipment available today and then jeopardize your investment by purchasing from a dealer who is not authorized by the manufacturer of the equipment they sell?

Building Quality Relationships!
WirelessUSA® has successfully implemented radio communications systems for clients that include the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the St. Louis Police Department, the Illinois Department of Transportation, the St. Louis County Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Anheuser-Busch Companies, the US Drug Enforcement Agency, Scott Air Force Base, The Boeing Company, and many more.
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TRBOLinc Network
Your workforce is out in the field every day, and you need to be able to contact them no matter where their job takes them. Our digital system maximizes coverage.

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Motorola Solutions is introducing MOTOTRBO Nitro, the first fully managed platform that combines business-critical voice with private broadband data.

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WAVE OnCloud
WAVE OnCloud is a multimedia communication subscription service that instantly connects your team at the push of a button. Combining the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications, the WAVE TLK 100 Two-Way Radio gets your team connected fast.

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