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Property Management Solutions

For Today's Property Management Needs, We Know Wireless Inside and Out

Improving efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction are leading reasons why property management companies purchase Motorola portable two-way radios. They're convenient, economical, and easy to use - and the key to enhancing customer satisfaction.

Two Way Radios

Two-Way Radios

Motorola Two-Way Radios: The Choice of Professionals

With Motorola radios, building managers, maintenance technicians, groundskeepers, and security personnel can respond fast to tenant needs or emergencies, minimizing costs and enhancing tenant satisfaction.

Keep your staff connected and your tenants happy. Everyone benefits from using Motorola two-way radios.

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MOTOTRBO™ Helps You Minimize Costs and Ensure Tenant Satisfaction.


You know the challenges. You face rapidly escalating costs that result in tighter budgets, requiring you to do more with less. Ensuring prompt response to tenant needs as well as their safety and security has never been more important -leading to a growing focus on incident prevention. Managing employees on the move isn't easy either. Clear communication is essential. MOTOTRBO offers enhanced communication performance that can strengthen both security and productivity.

Powered by advanced Motorola technology, the MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System is ready to help you respond to those challenges with a remarkably cost-effective solution for property management.

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Motorola Accessories

Motorola Original

Only Motorola Original Products are performance-matched to guarantee the same high standards of quality that you enjoy with your Motorola two-way radio. When you see the Motorola Original logo on the products, you know the products are built and tested to meet the highest standards.

Keep your staff connected to provide excellent service and tenant satisfaction. Everyone benefits from using Motorola Original parts and accessories.

  • Audio Solutions
  • Carry Solutions
  • Power Solutions
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Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband

Industry Leading Technology Portfolio

The business benefits of broadband communications and Internet access are easy to see. Broadband can: unite corporate and institutional campuses and locations; promote communication, information sharing and collaboration; tighten security and increase safety: improve employee and customer relations; and a lot more.

The challenges of setting up an effective broadband system, however, have always been significant: cost, complexity and time. From purchasing spectrum licenses to designing, installing and maintaining complicated and cumbersome networks, the process has been expensive, time-consuming and daunting.

The Motorola Canopy® system has changed all that.

The Canopy platform brings powerful radio technology to enterprise communications applications, making deploying and delivering low-cost broadband access faster and easier than ever before. It provides the performance, versatility, ease-of-use and affordability that enable enterprise environments - including corporate, municipal, healthcare, education and more - to improve communication, productivity, security and return on investment (ROI).

The Canopy wireless broadband system offers products in the 900 MHz, 2.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.4 and 5.7 GHz frequency bands. Start-up costs are more affordable than virtually any other connectivity option, yet Canopy technology delivers speed and performance second to none. In addition, the Canopy platform reduces monthly recurring cable or T1 costs because there is no need to go through phone or cable networks.

With the Canopy solution, there is no need to run overhead or in-ground wire, install microwave or software. The equipment is streamlined, with built-in installation and deployment assistance, making it faster and easier to get up and running. The Canopy platform also includes interfaces that enable it to easily integrate with standard network management tools and systems.

The platform delivers superior performance using a modulation scheme that improves the quality of data delivery and mitigates interference from other systems. It enhances security with over-the-air DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption and is also available with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) capabilities.

Canopy technology can be adapted to fulfill a wide range of enterprise needs. The point-to-multipoint application can serve numerous enterprise locations of virtually any size. The Motorola point-to-point series of wireless Ethernet bridges can serve as a dedicated link for the enterprise community. A single-site point-to-multipoint Canopy system can be used for distances up to 15 miles (24 kilometers) while the point-to-point series delivers up to 124 miles (200 kilometers). When your capacity needs increase, the Canopy solution is scalable to accommodate changing requirements, wider geographic areas, larger user populations and higher traffic volumes.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance IP-Based Video Surveillance Solutions: Seeing is Protecting

Delivering high-speed data from Point A to Point B has never been easier. With the Motorola Point-to-Point (PTP) wireless Ethernet bridges, enterprises, carriers, ISPs and municipalities can easily connect expansive IP networks to form a cohesive system. Delivering an outstanding ROI and superior performance, the point-to-point solutions possess exceptional interference mitigation techniques, multiple layers of security and can transmit across long distances, over water or around obstacles.

IP-based video surveillance is revolutionizing the way organizations, municipalities and institutions are protecting their property, personnel and proprietary assets. Motorola's proven Canopy® wireless technology helps you and your customers join the revolution. Compared to analog or hybrid systems, IP-based solutions provide a number of crucial advantages, including:

  • Real-Time Situational Awareness and Response
  • Remote Monitoring and Accessibility
  • Faster, Lower Cost Deployment
  • Leverage the Existing Networks
  • Maximize the Benefits of Smart Cameras and Software
  • Optimized ROI
  • Digital Image Encryption for Security Purposes
For more information about Motorola's MOTOwi4 portfolio of inside and outside wireless broadband solutions for property management click here.

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