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WAVE 3000

WAVE 3000

Broadband Push-To-Talk For Enterprise

WAVE 3000

The WAVE Mobile Communicator turns your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet into a secure, multi-channel PTT communications handset. Users can participate in group PTT communications with users on two-way radio systems or other smart devices, or have a private PTT call with a specific individual. Mapping, presence and channel activity monitoring improve situational awareness for everyone.

WAVE 3000 delivers instant and secure broadband push-to-talk (PTT) communications for small to medium businesses. Whether you’re communicating with MOTOTRBO radio users or with other smartphone users, WAVE 3000 makes it simple and affordable.

WAVE Workgroup Communications
WAVE 3000 is part of the WAVE Work Group Communications portfolio - a range of solutions delivering instant and secure PTT communications across your entire organization. From nationwide networks to small communities and businesses, the WAVE solutions keep information flowing quickly and securely between workers, managers and support teams.

WAVE solutions let you build interoperable, highly extensible and flexible PTT communications networks that connect and extend your proven and trusted Motorola two-way radio systems to broadband networks and devices, anywhere.

WAVE 3000
WAVE 3000 is a simple, easily installed solution designed for small to medium businesses. It allows management and supervisors to stay in touch with workers using their smartphone or tablet. Radio PTT functionality is delivered through an application that connects securely through a dedicated WAVE 3000 server.

Greater Reach
For the business owner who is traveling, or the manager who is working from home, WAVE 3000 delivers the two-way radio experience over any broadband IP network: Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G cellular. You can communicate with your workers from wherever you are.

More Choice
For the office executive, WAVE 3000 gives you the opportunity to integrate all communications onto a single device. There’s no need to carry a smartphone and a radio into your meetings.

Optimal Flexibility
For the CIO, WAVE 3000 gives you the flexibility to be efficient. You can activate or deactivate any user in any facility at any time, direct from your desktop. Whether you’re connecting visitors, enabling contractor communications or facilitating a one-time collaboration, WAVE 3000 delivers performance and flexibility.

WAVE 3000 is highly scalable and can grow as your business grows. The server supports up to 500 smartphone users, but additional user licenses can be purchased whenever needed.

Whether it’s an extension of your MOTOTRBO Connect Plus two-way radio system or a standalone broadband PTT network, Motorola’s WAVE 3000 solution empowers you to connect without limits.

WAVE 3000 Features

Android And IOS Support

Android And IOS Support
WAVE Mobile Communicator can be used on any smartphone or tablet using the Apple iOS or Google Android operating system. Download it for free from the Apps stores.

Private, Group, Multi-Group Calls

Private, Group, Multi-Group Calls
Make discreet private calls or connect with a whole team, group or department. The WAVE Mobile Communicator can communicate with talkgroups of thousands of people at once. You can listen to up to 16 talkgroups simultaneously.

Secure Communications

Secure Communications
You can be confident in the confidentiality of your communications. The WAVE Mobile Communicator secures control and voice traffic using AES 256 bit encryption.

Activity Indication

Activity Indication
Even if you can’t listen to every call, the WAVE Mobile Communicator will show you when a talkgroup is active, and which user is speaking.

Call History

Call History
The WAVE Mobile Communicator keeps a record of all the calls you’ve made since your last logon.

Unique User Profile

Unique User Profile
Log in to your WAVE Mobile Communicator and your unique user profile of contacts and talkgroups are loaded automatically, so you can be productive right away.

Operates Over Any IP Network

Operates Over Any IP Network
The WAVE Mobile Communicator can use any wireless IP network – whether that’s cellular 3G or 4G, domestic or international, or Wi-Fi, private or public.

Location Mapping For Contacts

Location Mapping For Contacts The map screen on your WAVE Mobile Communicator shows at a glance the location of other WAVE users, allowing you to optimize your operations.
Presence Indication For Contacts

Presence Indication For Contacts See immediately who’s online and available. The WAVE Mobile Communicator shows status information for all your contacts.

WAVE 3000 As An Extension To A MOTOTRBO Connect Plus System

WAVE 3000 is designed to integrate with a MOTOTRBO Connect Plus radio system, but can also be used as a standalone broadband PTT solution where radios are not required.

WAVE 3000 As A Standalone Broadband PTT System

WAVE 3000: The Ideal Solution
For the small to medium business that needs commercial-grade push-to-talk communications on smartphones, WAVE 3000 delivers control, reliability and efficiency.

You can leverage your MOTOTRBO system and extend communications to other mobile broadband devices, or simply deploy a smartphone-based system. It’s the ideal solution to help your business connect, grow and thrive.

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